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The Unhappiness Rule

The “Unhappiness Rule” comes in three different major forms. I first discovered this rule by observing people around me who had no reason to be unhappy. In fact, they had many great reasons to BE happy. And yet, it seemed like they were searching for reasons to be unhappy. This didn’t make any sense. Why would someone be unhappy on purpose???

Well, the reasons for most of what we think, say and do is unconscious. The unconscious programming or subconscious ‘rules’ in our minds drives our hopes, wants, thoughts, and most of the decisions we make. So, there must be an “unhappiness rule” in some people’s minds that says we have to be unhappy.

If you’ve ever felt like finding happiness is like an uphill battle, then you’ll want to check out this article.

Photo credit by @jacquiemunguia on Unsplash