Happiness Hangouts…

The first rule of happiness is… We talk about happiness!

Happiness Hangouts are social support groups — a safe space where we can talk about life, be supported on our path, and support others on theirs. Happiness takes a village, so we’re growing our village with positivity and kindness.
If you’d like to be happier, we invite you to join our village!

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Positive Attitude Lifestyle Groups


“PAL” Groups for short! PALSTM is a Lifestyle System developed by PJ Ferguson to help people like you grow your “happiness” muscles. Here’s how it works:

  • We practice one Positive Attitude from Are You Happy Now? each week, then
  • We chat about it. That’s it!

Sharing your thoughts and being heard by others is cathartic and validating. Hearing different points of view also helps us learn from others’ experiences. If you’re looking for a safe, social atmosphere to boost your personal growth, PAL Groups can help!

These hangouts are 100% judgment-free, 100% pressure-free. Happiness isn’t about being perfect, it’s about practicing. Like going to the gym or doing yoga, we do a bit better each time. It’s the perfect time to join your fellow happiness-seekers and help each other be happier.

We are now accepting signups for our waitlist.


Thriving Life Chat (TLC) Groups


Is abundance an important theme for you? This group is designed to help you grow in personal abundance and thrive in life! Whether you’re looking for abundance in life, love, or success, we’ll support each other in learning and living the Principles of Abundance. We’ll practice one Abundance Principle each week so you can grow your “abundance” muscles and help others do the same.

We are now accepting signups for our waitlist.

thriving life personal abundance groups

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