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Thriving Businesses Rely On Thriving Relationships

Fortify your business with the right tools for success!

With mental and emotional health issues on the rise, businesses large and small are finding that the tools and solutions for success and stability are changing. We help businesses build and maintain healthy, happy interpersonal relationships in order to improve stability, longevity and productivity of the business.

Thriving Business

A healthy, happy business is built on healthy, happy relationships. These relationships involve customers, employees, departments, management, vendors, investors…every person connected to the business in one way or another. There are also subtler relationships between the people and the company’s business plan, finances, and company culture.

A business that truly plans to thrive in the marketplace will invest in the health and well-being of its various relationships.

Thriving Relationships

For employees to help your business thrive, you must help them thrive as individuals and as a team. We work with you, your business and employees to provide:

  • A positive mental framework for living (our PAL SystemTM)
  • Emotional education
  • Healthy behavioral skills (our PAL SystemTM)
  • Stress management skills and support
  • Supportive company culture


This is our primary question to every business we work with. From there, we discuss the primary obstacles to achieving that and other important goals your company would like to achieve.

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    Areas of focus include the following, and other disciplines:

    The PAL SystemTM

    PALS stands for Positive Attitude Lifestyle System. This is our proprietary plan that gives individuals and groups a clear, effective framework for positive living. This completely secular system can be found in both Are You Happy Now? Shifting Your Life From Crappy…to Happy! and its digested form, My Happier Life Handbook. Through a simple method of frequent check-in’s and a focus on various positive attitudes, groups and individuals have hands-on actions they can take for self-improvement.

    This simple framework gives people a sense of self-awareness and personal progress. As they improve in various, healthy behavioral skills, they are better able to thrive in their own lives AND bring that personal growth to the company, its customers, company or team goals, and to fellow employees.

    Emotional Education

    Emotional health comes from understanding what emotions are, how they work, and how to process them in healthy ways. While this type of education should be provided to every individual, it is unfortunately absent from our society and educational systems. Employees with proper emotional education and support are better equipped to deal with difficult situations, customers and confrontations…even self- or other-destructive paradigms.

    A business with emotionally educated employees benefit by reducing the number of disputes and complications so their focus and energy can be placed on business-building solutions and innovations.

    Stress Management

    Most work environments are stressful in one or more ways. Stress can result in illness, depression, anxiety, and breakdown, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Studies have shown stress causes increased sick leave and decreased productivity. Too much stress is dangerous.

    Everyone deals with stress in different ways, and everyone is negatively triggered by different things. By helping employees reduce stress levels, limit stress triggers and deal with stress in healthy ways, a business can improve its overall health and well-being.

    Company Culture

    Many businesses are plagued by toxic work environments because they lack a supportive company culture. Businesses that don’t care about their employees suffer from high turnover rates, lack of employee loyalty, motivational problems, attitude problems, employee disputes and more. These problems are costly on many, many levels. A poor company culture creates unhealthy relationships from top management all the way to customers (or lack thereof). Employees don’t want to spend their day working to make a company rich. A supportive company culture makes work a safe space and helps employees feel like they’re making a difference and doing something meaningful in the world.