Happier Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching helps you:

  • Get “unstuck”
  • Achieve your goals faster
  • Face and overcome fears
  • Get and keep your life moving on the right track

If you’re here, you’re ready to start taking action. You’re tired of slow or no personal progress. You’re ready to  feel better about yourself and about your life. You’re ready to start living up to your potential.

Happiness is a lifestyle. It means having

  • Time management skills to prioritize your life with balance and harmony
  • Emotion management skills to deal with life’s difficulties in healthy, productive ways
  • Mind management skills to structure a life story that builds you up
  • Social management skills to set healthy boundaries for the various relationships in your life

If you’re ready to take action, achieve your goals and be happier, contact me today for a free 45-minute Discovery Call.

personal life coaching

What is Happier Life Coaching?

Happier Life Coaching helps you figure out what happiness means for you, and how to make it a reality. Coaching helps you devise a plan, set goals, tackle obstacles, and turn weaknesses into strengths. We draw from a wide range of disciplines–ancient to modern–to help you create your best life:

Results Coaching

As a Certified Results Coach, PJ helps you set and achieve your goals. Results Coaching is a great way to accelerate yourself into your dream life. Stop wishing and wanting, and start living!

Stress Management

As a Certified Stress Management Coach, PJ helps you identify negative triggers, and build your stress management toolkit so you can manage, decrease, even eliminate stress  more effectively.

PALSTM Coaching

The “Positive Attitude Lifestyle SystemTM is a systematic way to create daily happiness. We’ll identify self-destructive patterns and transform them into personal strengths. This system is specifically designed and proven to build your “happiness muscles”.


  • Shamanism
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Jungian psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence Practices
  • Cognitive Behavioral Studies
  • NLP
  • Street-Smart Business *tactics
  • …and more!

Is Happier Life Coaching right for you? Schedule a free 45-minute Breakthrough Session to talk about your goals. Let’s start getting you some breakthrough’s today!


Meet PJ

How I got started…

I got started by trekking my own thorny path. My life started like many people: With suffering, unhappiness, self-hatred, and fear. In my twenties I reached a point where the pain was unbearable. Truly unbearable. I wanted to end it all. But then a question hit me like a ton of bricks:

I’ve done everything I’m supposed to, so why am I so…UN…happy?!

The answer was clear — Everything I’d been taught about happiness was WRONG. Well, almost everything. Most of the things people told me would make me happy are exactly the things that made me SO UNhappy. So, I set out on my own to follow my heart and find only the true-truths that really created peace and happiness. As I trekked through the darkness I listened to my heart and found peace, happiness and blessed healing for my heart and soul.

Now, I’ve devoted my life to helping others find the truths that will shine the light of joy and peace and healing in their lives. I’ve been blogging, Life Coaching, writing books, and podcasting for over a decade. What I’ve found is that the most powerful truths are always the simplest. Be nice. Live with integrity. Love unconditionally.

I’m an accredited Life Coach, author of four books, budding speaker, creator of The Happiness Underground, fur-father to a ten-pound terrier who’s the bomb, entrepreneur and aspiring philanthropist. I’ll never claim to be perfect, but I’ve learned a lot about life, myself, happiness…and helped lots of people do the same.

~ Certified Stress Management Coach
~ Certified Results Coach
~ Certified Online Coach

~ PALSTM System